Thursday, February 28, 2008

Making Justice "Hip"

The more I continue to follow Jesus Christ the more I find that I am constantly faced with opportunities or decisions of social justice. This is a good thing. I have found that when I am advocating for people and hopefully doing my best to love them and be loved by them that my faith grows in tangible means by great distances. As a matter of fact, if we look at Jesus and when he teaches to any large crowds we see that he is doing this normally right after meeting peoples needs and performing miracles. What a great model, huh?

So what does this mean in light of advocating social justice from our churches. Not just the social justice that gives out food or hands people money, but goes into the level of penetrating justice. This is the kind that costs more of our persons and less of our pockets. We are forced to engage and love people, and likewise let them become part of our lives. It is the kind of justice that says "I love you" and you look someone in the eye and not their hand.

Any suggestions? I wonder what it means to make social justice part of our spiritual disciplines that we practice commonly in our pursuit of knowing and conforming to Christ. How do we do this as a congregation? How do get people excited about it in spite of the fact that it will probably make them uncomfortable?

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wanderingellimac said...

i love love love that you are asking this question. i think that it is such an important one. it is something i am struggling with right now. there are so many people that are willing to "throw" money at you - take as much as you want - they just don't want to get their hands dirty. how can we really be effective change agents if all we are willing to do is throw a little green at a problem? how can we truly engage people at all different levels using their talents and giftings? especially if people have not traveled very far from home - how do they get a worldview in order to catch that passion? it's tough...