Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A thought for the new year

So how does one begin blogging after a huge downtime filled with nauseating guilt bereft of an original thought? By taking advantage of the year passing and offering an encapsulating thought of course. However, what thought shall I offer? Ponder...

I want to mention the thought upon which I have struggled through spiritually all year long and will probably continue to take with me into this new year. This is truly the encompassing question that leaves me seeking understanding in my faith as a Christian hoping that I will come to new conclusions and insights.

"What is love?"

If we are called above all else to love our God and love our neighbor, I am finding that this has difficult and compromising actions. However, I want to offer something of a culmination of thoughts that have come as a result to pondering through this question.

1. I have to listen. God deserves my ear. People deserve my ear.
2. I have to speak. God deserves my voice. People deserve my voice.
3. I have to want to love. This sounds basic, but I often find myself asking me in an inter-monologue fashion, "Did I really take the opportunity to love there?"
4. I need to be willing to listen to the people of today gifted as prophets - the people who are trying to speak truth into the Church. I for one recognize that it is human nature to complain, (I love doing it myself) but I also no that many times truth, if it is truth, often comes out of love.
5. In light of number four, I have to surround myself with people who love well and are capable of helping me love well also.
6. I have to ALWAYS wrestle with the thought, "What does it mean to give my life away for the sake of Christ?"

This is a working list, but I hope it gives you an inspirational moment, if nothing more a happy thought.

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Yeti said...

good thoughts here. i think the one about prophets is especially difficult because if they are not legit they are annoying and if they ARE legit...they are even more annoying ;-)

i find that my greatest challenge in loving others is not getting judgmental or thinking others NEED my love and are better off with it. OUCH - how's that for confession.

nice to have you back. looking forward to more ponderings.